First Name Last Name Category Area Lost Location Description Lost Date Phone Email
Andrew No last name Phone FOUND Across from the MARC on corner of Little Kate Rd & Monitor Drive Found Iphone across from the MARC. Left the phone at the MARC front desk. 11/05/2022 (435) 615-5401
Jeremy K Clothing LOST Park City No. 1 Bus Left hand black leather glove 11/16/2022 609-933-9162 [email protected]
Kay Strauss --Jewelry-- LOST Near Best Buy pair of earrings, silver with suspended bead 11/17/2022 847-899-3650 [email protected]
Michele Devaney Personal - Wallet/Glasses/Keys FOUND Silver Springs Karen Kane eyeglasses in a black case with white flowers 11/11/2022 435-659-6822 [email protected]
David zinn Sporting Goods & Equipment FOUND alta grizzly gulch green gloves/ mittens neural 11/17/2022 435-830-7374 [email protected]
Audrey Seares --Personal Items-- LOST Beginner slope at canyons village Blue sparkly POC goggles - Julia Mancuso edition; high sentimental value! 11/22/2022 201-315-2662 [email protected]
Jamie Potts Tickets/Cash/Check/Credit Card FOUND Lowell parking garage AMEX belonging to Elizabeth Goldhirsh 11/23/2022 801-673-5438 [email protected]
Hans Wiener Wallet LOST PCMR Red wallet with silver button clasp. ID cards. 20 bill is yours 11/21/2022 435-640-6007 [email protected]
Elizabeth Bolton Clothing FOUND Bonanza Flats (Top of Guardsman Pass) Hooded puffer vest with airpods in the pocket. 11/23/2022 214-970-5381
KP Labas Backpack LOST Main Street No Name or O'Shucks Small brown leather backpack and Black Nautica Coat - Passport is in backpack. 11/25/2022 203-695-3117 [email protected]
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